Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2017

Winter is in full blast here in Erie. At The Reason for Our Hope Foundation we have been just as busy as the snow outside. In January we completed editing the 22 CD/DVD Knowing Jesus and His Church series. They are in the production stage, so keep a look out for them on our website We hope to be able to start selling them later this month. Also in January Father started his 2017 speaking schedule. His travels took him to a Men's Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan and the Legatus Annual Conference in Naples, Florida.

His schedule in February is as follows: February 3 he travels to Cleveland, Ohio to talk to the seminarians at Borremeo Seminary. After that he is speaking at a Men's Conference in Owensboro, Kentucky on February 11. On February 18th he is heading to Toronto, Canada for a Men's Conference. Then on February 20-23 he is speaking at the first Parish Mission of the year in Wichita, Kansas. For more information on these events and more upcoming please head to our website.

The Hope House Retreat Center has had a busy winter with three retreats in January. We hosted the 1:38 Women's planning committee, a Confirmation class, and the seminarians for the Erie Diocese. This month we are hosting the Intercollegiate Gathering for the Erie Diocese. Remember to check out our website or give a call at 814-455-7364 to book your retreat. 

If you follow us on Facebook you may notice that every week we are posting a new Hope of the Week Video. We are asking everyone to record their Hope of the Week. It doesn't need to be fancy or long, no more than two minutes. You can record it on your phone, tablet, or laptop and send it to us at We post them every Tuesday!

We are taking registrations for our 22:32 Men's Conference on March 25 at the Warner Theatre in Erie. This year's speakers are:  Guy Gruters, Captain in the USAF, Captain for Eastern Air Lines, POW in North Vietman from 1967-1973 and an author; Justin Fatica, Erie native who founded Hard as Nails Ministry out of Syracuse, New York; and Gary Zimak, Founder of the Apostolate called "Following the Truth." These three speakers have something to offer for all ages. For more information or to register call us at 814-455-7364 or head to  

As always know of our prayers for you and we ask you for yours. 

God Bless. 

~Caitlin Rydberg, Marketing/Operation Coordinator 

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